Paper bags are very popular items nowadays. It is environment friendly, and at the same time allows customization to show the branding’s specialty and its care about the earth.

Kraft Paper Bag is a general name for almost all paper bags made from craft. They come in different types: paper carrier bag, ziplock paper bag, paper lunch bag, paper sandwich bag, paper bread bag, etc. Dividing by color, there are white craft, brown kraft and also colorful ones. The main parameter for kraft paper bags is the GSM = gram per square meter. The higher is the gsm, the thicker the material is. This is different from what we use to measure for plastic bags, where we use µm = micrometer. However, we still use the µm or mircon for ziplock paper bags.

Paper Carrier Bags

Paper carrier bags, also called paper shopping bags, paper handle bags, paper gift bags, is the most common kind in our daily life. When ordering paper carrier bags, it is important that you know the following:

GSM – It depends on how strong you would like the paper bags to be. At least you should know how many grams the bag should carry.

Dimension – The width, length and height of the bag. Do pay attention to the die cut handle paper bag because extra area should be reserved for die cut handle.

Material – There is mainly two kinds: brown kraft and white kraft. But you could always choose to go for colorful. Customization is always an available choice.

Handle Type – twisted handle, flat handle, die cut handle and ribbon/woven handles are available.

Quantity – Basic rule is higher quantity, lower price. The MOQ of paper shopping bags is 1000pcs.

Printing – custom printing or non-printing.

Ziplock Kraft Paper Bags

Ziplock paper bags are made from lamination of kraft paper and plastic film. The lamination furnished the bags with waterproof character. zipper paper pouches are used for food storage. With zipper, the craft pouch prevents the food from air and water. Another wonderful thing about zipper paper bags is the window design. It allows to show the product in a visual and direct way.

Kraft paper zipper bag are further classified by:

Material – White kraft or brown kraft;

Bag Type – Stand up pouch or doy-pack paper bag, block bottom pouch or just plain flat;

Window – With or without. For the ones with window option, you can always choose clear window or matte window, square window or round window.

Printing – For the ones with printing on paper layer, try to make the printing as simple as possible.

For ziplock paper pouches, we use micron for thickness measuring. The range of kraft paper with zipper is about 100-200 microns.

More features such as aluminum foil, valve etc. are optional for different applications.

We currently take stocks for some general design ziplock paper bags.

Paper Bags for Food

At last we have this special paper bag section food like breads, bakery, hot dog, sandwich, roasted chicken, french fries, etc. These are paper lunch bags, bakery paper bags, sandwich paper bags, double opening grease resistance paper bag, etc. Paper lunch bags, paper grocery bag or SOS bags (stand-on-self bags) are mostly used for carrying packed food. They are widely used for the students and workers for lunch carrying.

bakery paper bags, sandwich bags, double opening grease resistance paper bags, pinch bottom bags are with grease proof finishing. These items are food grade and totally safe for food storage.

We have now some general designed kraft paper bags on wholesale for your selection. Therefore no MOQ is required. Nowadays, shipping by sea or train with delivery to your door is easy and convenient. All you need to do is to order in advance.

For deep customization, we will have a separate chapter discussing about coffee paper bags.