All Kinds of Plastic Bags for You

Xiamen Exce Faith Co., Ltd. with youthful spirit and advanced concept, was founded with a clear vision to serve the overseas manufacturing-type enterprise with professional plastic packaging solutions. We are the plastic bag manufacturer you are looking for!

Stand Up Pouch

Stand Up Pouch, also named as doypack, is oval or square based bag that could stand up stably.It is made from laminated 2-3 layers plastic films, kraft paper or aluminum foil. Stand up pouch is newly popular package choice improving product quality.

Aluminum Foil Bag

Aluminum Foil Bag is made from Al foil and palstic film laminated, normally 4 layers. Highly moisture and oxygen proof, Al foil bag is perfect packing choice in precision equipment, electronic, chemical and food area.

Self Sealing Bag

Self Sealing Bag is the plastic bag with a self sealing tape, also called self adhesive bag. Self seal bag is mostly clear, made from OPP, CPP, PVC or laminated material. Different from resealable bag, the adhesive tape on it is normally one-off.

Stand Up Ziplock Bag

Stand Up Ziplock bag is the stand up pouch with zipper, usually the grip zip. Stand up zipper bag is recloseable, easy for storage. Zip lock bag could be paper/foil/plastic films laminated with anti-static, anti-UV, moisture proof function, and widely used in food and small commodity packing.

Plastic Food Bag

Plastic Food Bag is big part of plastic bag application that we made a separate category. It could be OPP bag, stand up ziplock bag, kraft paper pouch, spout pouch, Al foil bag, etc. Here we shows how plastic bag used for different kinds of food.

Spout Pouch

Spout Pouch, spout bag or liquid pouch, perfect packing for powder, jelly and liquid products. Spout bag is developed from stand up bag. A nozzle is standard for a spout pouch. With a simple tear,it is easy for people to suck, easy to pour out,and you can close and reopen it when you needs.

Plastic Zipper Bag

Plastic Zipper Bag is the bags with zipper or ziplock. Plastic ziplock bag could be flat, stand up, side sealed. It could be simply clear as a CPP bag, or printed with colorful advertisement.


PVC Bag is made from PVC of course. PVC is very soft material in the plastic films. PVC bag could be much thicker than the normal plastic bags so as to be stronger.

Slider Plastic Bag

Slider palstic bag is bag with slider, the easy to close and open component. Slider bag is reusable and popular in stationory and clothing packing.

Dog Poop Bag

Dog Poop Bag is for pet’s cleaning. Biodegradable dog poop bag made from EPI and Corn Starch material are very welcome by the market. Common size of dog poop bag is about 22*33cm and it is about 15 bags into one single roll. Custom printing is availabe with MOQ 10000 rolls.

Plastic Die Cut Bag

Plastic Die Cut Bag is also known as shopping bag. Die cut bag is usually flat bag with a handle. Made from HDPE material, plastic die cut bag is strong enough for several KGS.

Film on Reel

Film on Reel are ready printed films for the last packing process by machine or manual operation combining the product packing and bag making.