White Kraft Paper Lunch Grocery Bag Wholesale


$0020per item
  • 90*55*180mm


$0031per item
  • 127*75*240mm


0035per item
  • 150*90*270mm


0042per item
  • 150*100*305mm


0062per item
  • 178*105*340mm

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Paper Lunch Bag Features

Paper lunch bag, also named self opening sack, is commonly used as paper lunch bag and grocery bag. As a matter of fact, paper bags are 100% recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. Therefore it adds no burden to the earth.

Raw materials used for white paper lunch bags are non-toxic, therefore, safe for consumption. Firstly, the printing is with eco-friendly water-based soy ink. Secondly, the kraft paper are non-recycled material. Thirdly, the bags are produced in 2 million grade high standard GMP workshop. In conculsion, our white kraft paper lunch bag is a totally qualified for food use. Therefore, the wholesaling paper lunch bags are perfect choices for deli, bakery, home use, etc. Meanwhile, we have different dimensions for your choices.

Paper lunch bags in wholesale are now available with brown kraft and white kraft. Further more, the grease proof version SOS bag is perfect for water and oil resistance use. Meanwhile, you could choose some nice stickers to make the bags look even better.

Firstly, white paper grocery bag is made from cellulose-plain kraft. Therefore, it degrades naturally within a few weeks. Similar to fallen leaves, paper bags decomposes in the earth. Consequently it leaves no impact on the environment. Secondly, kraft paper can be recycled and reused in new packaging. Some merchant take these features to boost product sales, because it shows good care of environment. In other words, a good impression for the end users. Thirdly, laminated kraft paper bags, for example ziplock paper bag, can be biodegradable by using PLA as the liner. In other words, the kraft paper bag could be waterproof, grease resistant and biodegradable at the same time. In conclusion, choose the kraft paper bag, protect our earth. As a kraft paper bag manufacturer, we appreciate and prefer our clients’ choice of kraft paper.

We use non-recycled material here to make sure the premium quality of our white paper lunch bags. Certainly, they are strong and durable. Most importantly, you can still recycle it after use.

Paper Lunch Bag Parameters

Product Name: White Lunch Paper Bags Wholesale, White Grocery Bags Wholesale
Supplier Type: manufacturing & export
Size: see above list
Thickness: 50gsm
Color: CMYK/Pantone color, up to 10 colors
Ink Type: Eco-friendly water-based soy ink
Material: Premium quality food grade brown kraft paper
Surface Finishing: Glossy/Matt Lamination, Gold/Silver Hot Stamping, Embossing, UV Coating, Foil Stamping, Hologram Effect, etc.
Handle Type: Without Handle
Application: Lunch carrier, Grocery, Party, Promotion, Restaurant Take-away, baking,etc.
Quality Control: Equipment and Experienced QC Team will check material, semi-finished and finished products strictly in every step before shipping

Paper Lunch Bag Details

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