SOS paper bag stands for the self-opening sack paper bag. It is a flat bottom paper bag without handle. There are choices of regular SOS paper lunch sacks or grease resistant SOS flat bottom lunch bags. People use it to carry all sorts of products, fruit, vegetables, bread, sandwich, deli, ect. It is a perfect and ecological option all thanks to the reinforced rectangular base and multiple personalized options.

SOS paper bags generally come in two colors: brown and white. While brown paper bags are used more frequently than their white counterparts, white bags will highlight your establishment’s logo and present a cleaner appearance than brown bags. Regardless of the color you choose, all of these products feature a thick construction that’s resistant to tears and rips. Besides, some stickers for the bag sealing is a good choice. With not so much printing on SOS paper bags, the sticker offers an extra choice for customization.

As experienced self-opening paper bag manufacturer located in China, we offer both customization and wholesaling. The MOQ for SOS paper bags is about 50000pcs. However we also take some SOS paper bag with general designs in stock. As a result, there is no MOQ for the stocks. Here we supply high-quality SOS paper bag at costly prices. No matter you are looking for carry around items, grocery shopping or beautiful gift packaging, you could find the right kraft paper bags here.