Private labeled poop bag, what a amazing idea! It is always exciting moment when you decide that you should have your own private labeled poop bag. However, there are a few things to decide when you are going to customize your own private labeled poop bag:

Material – Most popular material is biodegradable poop bags. Biodegradable is the choice with highest price and performance ratio. It fulfill the needs for both environment protection and cost effectiveness at the same time. You can always choose compostable bags if you have higher requirements. Compostable bags are made from cornstarch + PLA.


  • Dimension and thickness – Popular dimension is 9*13 inch with thickness 0.015mm. We consider the thickness below 0.01mm are very thin. A thickness of 0.015mm is safe. You could choose 0.018mm or above.
  • 15bags/roll is standard and customization is always possible. Recycled paper core is very much welcomed.
  • Printing – Colored bag with one or two color printing is most popular. Fancy printing in multi colors is not so common.
  • Package – Always possible with 4/8/10/12/16/24 rolls per box. But please do take the MOQ of customized box into consideration.
  • Quantity – MOQ is 10000 rolls. Bigger quantity, lower price.
  • Scent – Popular scent is lavender but scent customization is also available.