Ziplock paper bags are kraft paper bags with zipper lock. It prevents the food from moisture and air. The technique is more complicated than just pure paper bags. Firstly, we need to laminate the plastic films with paper. The printing can be done on paper or plastic film before lamination. After that we form the bag and add ziplock. There are some options for lamination:
1. Clear plastic film for opening up a window on the pouch;
2. Matte plastic film for a frosted looking;
3. Aluminum inner layer for higher barrier;
4. leave the 1st outer layer as paper to show the original appearance.

Besides, there are different bottom choices too. A gusset stand up ziplock paper pouch is very popular. And block bottom box pouch is outstanding. Plain flat paper bag is for thin stuff. Besides, you can also add a hanger hole on the top if you like. As for further customization, you could print up to 10 colors on the bag. But be careful when you are choosing the paper layer as the first outer layer. In this case, the printing should be as simple as possible. Because it is a different way of printing.

Ziplock paper bag is what we are talking about waterproof kraft paper bag. Thanks to the lamination of paper and plastic film, the bag could be both waterproof from the inside to outside.

As experienced ziplock paper bag manufacturer located in China, we offer both customization and wholesaling. The MOQ for ziplock paper bags is about 50000pcs. However we also take some general designs without printing in stock. As a result, there is no MOQ for the stocks. Here we supply high-quality paper handle bags at costly prices.