Bakery & Deli paper bag includes the pinched bottom paper bags, aluminum foiled paper bag, window paper bag for bread etc. in this section.

Pinched bottom paper bags is plain flat bag that commonly used for chips, cookies, etc. With aluminum foiled, the flat bag is perfect for roasted chicken. Our foil paper bag is lamination of an extremely thin aluminum film and high quality paper for better strength. It is tough, pliable, and wrinkle-resistant.

Bread paper bags are more likely to come with windows. It is coated with clear plastic film so that the window could be clear and vivid. With this coating, the bread paper bags are grease proof. Normally we use sticker or twisted rope for sealing.

As experienced Bakery & Deli paper bag manufacturer located in China, we offer both customization and wholesaling. The MOQ for bakery paper bags is about 50000pcs. However we also take some bakery paper bag with general designs in stock. As a result, there is no MOQ for the stocks. Here we supply high-quality bakery paper bag at costly prices.