OPP is oriented polypropylene. “oriented” here refers to the production process. OPP orientation, stretching polypropylene, is one of the types of polypropylene (PP). We may simply understand OPP = BOPP.

OPP bag is highly transparent in all kinds of the blown-film-made bags. It is widely used in the outer packaging of products. OPP bag material is stiff and crispy. It is difficult to tear without crack on it. But once there is crack, OPP bag could be easily torn open.

The processing of OPP bag is made by heat seal machine. The sealing of OPP bag is mainly plain or embroidery as illustration shown below. The process flow is firstly calculate and order the OPP film with correct size and then printing, folding, adding adhesive tape or pearl film(also one kind of OPP film) as per requirement, and after a while, cut or heat seal, punch the hole(if there is any), finally the packing.

The printing of OPP bag is gravure printing. A set of cylinders should be made for the printing procedure. The cylinder cost depends on the colors of the printing images. The more colors of printing, the higher cylinder cost.

With self-adhesive tape used in OPP bags, OPP bag is also named as self-adhesive bag, self-sealing bag.

With the character of OPP bag, it is widely used in the packaging of small commodities, such as stationery, garment, food, etc.